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‘Only a few years ago I wouldn't have been able imagine the opportunities and improved quality of life that I now have in my daily life.’
Tony Seidl, Living with DBS*

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Why is my DBS IPG being replaced?

A specific message will appear on your remote control screen when your Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) is nearing end of service. This commonly means your IPG is running low on battery. You should contact your healthcare provider immediately to report this message screen and to book a replacement surgery appointment.

What does a replacement procedure involve?

An IPG replacement is most likely to be an outpatient procedure where the leads in your brain will remain in place, and all that will change is the IPG in your chest or abdomen. This surgery is typically shorter and easier than your initial implantation procedure. Your IPG is usually switched on within 24 hours. Our Vercise™ Adapter conversion means that without changing your existing implanted leads, you can still receive the latest DBS therapy. Your new IPG will be reprogramme to deliver optimum clinical benefits.

Why should I choose a Boston Scientific IPG?

Optimising your therapy:

Every person is unique, and your brain is even more so. The desired structures to be stimulated in the brain are extremely small and exist in a multitude of individual shapes and configurations. The challenge is to specifically target these areas without affecting neighbouring structures. Upgrading your IPG to one from Boston Scientific can offer a countless range of programming options, to better achieve your tailored therapy.

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All our systems come with industry-leading precision technology as standard, enabling your specialist team to deliver therapy with precision, and the flexibility to adapt your treatment as the needs of your condition change. Only Boston Scientific brings you tailored stimulation with Multiple Independent Current Control technology.

Longevity (lifespan of the device)

Our rechargeable Vercise Genus™ IPG has a longevity of at least 25 years*. This helps minimise the frequency of repeat replacement surgeries. Charging your IPG is simple and easy and you may choose the time and frequency that best fits your life schedule.
*Battery life is dependent on the stimulation settings and conditions.


Our ultra-lightweight, slim batteries are designed with smooth and gently rounded edges to maximise your comfort and reduce visibility after implantation. This not only improves comfort; it helps conceal signs of implant.

*Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary. 


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