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How does it work?

Deep Brain Stimulation uses a device similar in size and shape to a cardiac pacemaker. It sends signals to your brain to help control the symptoms of movement disorders. Your doctor will place one or two insulated wires called “leads” in the brain. 

The leads are then connected to the stimulator , and the stimulator is placed under the skin in the chest. For paediatric patients, the stimulator will be placed in the abdomen, so it is more discreet. When the stimulator is turned on, it produces mild electrical impulses that stimulate a specific target within the brain.

What is the system made up of? 



Your doctor will place one or two insulated wires called “leads” in the brain, which connect to a thin wire called an “extension.”  


A small device called a “stimulator” is implanted under the skin in the chest, which also connects to the extension. Our devices are small, thin with a contoured shape, designed for minimal erosion and optimal cosmesis – find out more on exact sizes we offer.

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