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Are your Parkinson’s symptoms disrupting your life?

We offer unique, personalised, therapy called Deep Brain Stimulation, giving your life back to you.

Treatment Options


Every person living with Parkinson’s will have an individualised treatment plan. 

The optimal medicine plan varies from person to person, and your specialist hospital team can help you find the right medicine ,or combination of medicines, to give you the most relief with the fewest side effects. 

Levodopa is a common medicine used for Parkinson’s, and you must have trialled Levodopa before being considered for DBS. 


While exercise can't treat Parkinson's disease, it has been shown to slow the decline. In a 10,000 patient clinical trial, at least two and a half hours of physical activity each week—including strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise has been shown to prolong better quality of life. 

To be accepted for DBS surgery, your specialist team will advise you to be aerobically fit as you can be. 


 Deep Brain Stimulation is a surgical procedure designed to help control motor symptoms while allowing for a reduction in medication. DBS uses a device similar in size and shape to a cardiac pacemaker. It sends signals to your brain to help control the symptoms of movement disorders. Your surgeon will place one or two wires called ‘leads’ in the brain. 

The leads are then connected to the stimulator and the stimulator is placed under the skin in the chest or in the abdomen. Paediatric patients often will have the stimulator inserted in the abdomen. When the stimulator is turned on, it produces mild electrical impulses that stimulate a specific target within the brain. 

The stimulation may help regulate the incorrect signalling in the brain, improving some of the symptoms of movement disorders. For many people, daily activities which had been impossible to perform previously could become feasible again. 

Always speak to your Clinician to see if this could be a treatment for you. 

To be accepted for DBS surgery, your specialist team will advise you to be aerobically fit as you can be.


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