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All our systems come with industry-leading technology, enabling your doctor to deliver your therapy with precision, tailored to your individual needs and with the flexibility to adapt your treatment as needed.

Types of IPGs

There are two types of devices available: 


Vercise Genus™  R16 IPG System


Vercise Genus™  P16 IPG System

What is the difference? The main difference between these two stimulators is the longevity of the device. Though the systems use the same core technology, each offers some unique benefits.

Vercise Genus R16 system should provide at least 25 years*, this requires you to recharge the device. This is very simple to do and information on this can be found here.

Vercise Genus P16 system should provide at least 3.5 years*, after this period of time you will need to undergo surgery for a replacement device. This device does not need to be re-charged. *Battery life is dependent on the stimulation settings and conditions.

Optimising Therapy

Every person is unique and your brain is even more unique. The structures to be targeted in the brain are extremely small and come in many different shapes.

Sizes of IPGs

From start to finish, we designed our products with patients in mind. And we’re with you every step of the way. Our ultra-lightweight, thin batteries are designed with smooth and gently rounded edges to maximise your comfort and reduce visibility after implantation.


  Vercise Genus P16 Vercise Genus R16 
Volume: 34.9 cc 20.1 cc
Thickness: 11.6mm 11mm
Weight: 58g 27g
Implant depth: 2.5cm Max 0.5-2cm max

More info in Vercise Genus Implant Manual, Vercise™ Neural Navigator 4 Programming Manual.

MRI - Conditional


All our products are MRI-Conditional. As with any metal implanted device (e.g. pacemakers) precautions must be taken if a patient is to have an MRI scan. Boston Scientific have ensured that patients implanted Vercise Genus R16 or Vercise Genus P16 may have an MRI scan provided that the system conditions are met.

Your specialist team will be able to provide you more information in regards to MRI-conditionality. As a patient your responsibility before attending an MRI appointment is to ensure your patient control is fully charged and if you have Vercise Genus R16 this is also fully charged.

To be able to have an MRI scan, your specialist will put your stimulator into MRI-mode which will de-activate your device for the duration of your scan. Your specialist team will ensure you have been given the appropriate medical care to manage the return of symptoms before performing an MRI scan.

The Vercise Genus™ DBS System, Vercise Gevia™ DBS System, and Vercise™ DBS Lead-only system (before Stimulator is implanted) provide safe access to full-body MRI scans when used with specific components and the patient is exposed to the MRI environment under specific conditions defined in the supplemental manual ImageReady™ MRI Guidelines for Boston Scientific DBS Systems.

Types of Leads Available

Leads to last for life. We offer two types of leads to attach to your stimulator:

Standard Lead

Directional Lead

It is the specialist teams choice as to which lead you will receive as both have benefits for different cases.



Both leads have robust lead design with innovative multi-lumen construction designed for durability to maintain therapy. Powered by multiple independent current control (MICC) technology to precisely control the size and shape of the stimulation.


From start to finish we designed our product with patients in mind. We are with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

Quality is a forefront of everything we do. We are proud of our quality and we have an annual event ‘Everybody Makes an Impact Day’. We invite our patients and clinicians to Clonmel, Ireland where the manufacturing of these IPGs occurs.

At Boston Scientific we believe that best-in-class quality is essential to long-term viability of DBS therapy through substantial investments in R&D and quality, our engineers invented unique features designed to deliver unmatched reliability and convenience in a simple, device.

Our product have a robust multi-lumen construction with the best of an eight contact span and spacing which may lead to improved durability and longevity of all system components, thus minimising the risk of replacement procedures.

  Vercise Genus P16 Vercise Genus R16 
Volume: 34.9 cc 20.1 cc
Thickness: 11.6mm 11mm
Weight: 58g 27g
Implant depth: 2.5cm Max 0.5-2cm max
Directional Stimulation: Yes Yes
Standard Lead: Yes Yes
Rechargeable: No Yes
Battery life: 3.5 years* 25 years*
Available for Paediatrics:  Yes Yes
MRI Conditional: Yes Yes
Programmes: Up to 4 programs/4 areas  Up to 4 programs/4 areas 
MICC: Yes Yes

*Battery life is dependent on the stimulation settings and conditions.
More info in Vercise Genus Implant Manual, Vercise™ Neural Navigator 4 Programming Manual


Success Story


Come visit us in the Science Museum, in London. You can find us in the surgical space of the 25-year permanent exhibition showcasing Philip’s DBS journey with us. Philip shared his Parkinson’s journey to raise awareness of deep brain stimulation (DBS) – which was used to treat his condition at St George’s Hospital.

“If I hadn’t had the DBS procedure when I did, I’d be in a wheelchair now. Instead, with the help of medication that controls the symptoms, I’m able to keep active and take part in a dance class specifically for people living with Parkinson’s. I still need to use walking sticks every now and again, but the DBS has really empowered me to remain independent.”* As a patient centric organisation designing systems with patients in mind, we are committed to creating wider awareness of treatments such as DBS and this exhibition is another great way in which to do so. 

*Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.


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