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How is life with DBS?

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What does DBS feel like?

During initial programming, you may experience a tingling sensation. This helps pinpoint your ideal settings. Afterwards, most patients hardly notice the device — though some do experience a slight tingling in the arm or leg, or mild tension in facial muscles that often subsides.

How quickly can I recover after surgery?

The recovery period post hospital discharge should be relatively short, if you do not have any complications following your surgery at the hospital. You should make sure your wounds are always clean and dry, you need to keep in mind that your head, behind your ear, along your neck and in your chest will be sore and might be painful for a couple of days, or weeks. Post-surgical pain could be treated with a mild analgesic, therefore speak with your DBS team about it, if you feel you are experiencing any discomfort.

Can I stop my medication after DBS surgery?

Sometimes successful DBS surgery can lead to a decrease in your medication and potentially reduce its side effects, though the treatment is not intended to replace your medication.

Can I travel with a DBS device?

Yes, you can travel with your DBS system. Metal detectors, X-ray machines, security scanners, and other security devices will not damage the implant, but may cause unintentional stimulation. The implant may also activate metal detector alarms, so carrying your patient ID card with you at all times is recommended. If traveling abroad, you may need an outlet adapter to charge your system.

Can I have an MRI Scan?

Yes, you can potentially have an MRI if your DBS devices is called Vercise Gevia, Vercise Genus P16 or Vercise Genus R16. These devices provide full-body MRI access** under certain conditions. However, it is important that you inform your DBS team of any medical exam, such as MRI, as they need to check that you are eligible for an MRI (such as electrodes and extensions implanted, position of the battery). Your battery will need to be placed in MRI mode for the full time of the exam, which will be achieved by the medical team using your remote control.

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