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All our systems come with industry-leading technology, enabling your doctor to deliver your therapy with precision, tailored to your individual needs and with the flexibility to adapt your treatment as needed.

Longevity and Zero-Volt Technology

How long your system will last depends on the individual settings your condition may require. Boston Scientific will always recommend Vercise Genus R16 system because this reduces the risks that accumulate with reoccurring surgery. However, depending on your condition it may be recommended to have Vercise Genus PC system. Consult with your specialist team to understand what the best solution for you is.

There are two important features that ensure our Vercise™ Genus R16 system provides at least 25 years longevity*:

*Battery life is dependent on the stimulation settings and conditions.


Our batteries do not have a charging memory. You can charge as often, as long or as little as you like. This does not damage or reduce the longevity of the battery.

Zero-Volt Technology

Our battery is made with lithium-ion technology which protects the battery from failure or degradation. In the event the battery was to become flat, this technology assures that the battery will remain in good condition and can always be recharged to full capacity.

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