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All our systems come with industry-leading technology, enabling your doctor to deliver your therapy with precision, tailored to your individual needs and with the flexibility to adapt your treatment as needed.

Optimising Therapy

Every person is unique and your brain is even more unique. The structures to be targeted in the brain are extremely small and come in many different shapes.

All our systems come with industry-leading precision technology standard, enabling your specialist team to deliver therapy with precision, and the flexibility to adapt your treatment as the needs of your condition change. Only Boston Scientific brings you directional stimulation with Multiple Independent Current Control technology.

Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) is a long name for a simple and elegant design. MICC is where you have 16 individual batteries to control each contact on your DBS leads. MICC can be used to shape the stimulation to your individual brain target and ensure that stimulation remains consistent at all times.


Termed ‘Directional Stimulation’ our technology has the ability to direct the therapy to the area of your brain responsible for coordinating movement, whilst steering it away from structures areas associated with side effects, resulting in a more precise therapy.


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