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Are your Essential Tremor symptoms impacting your quality of life?

We offer unique, personalised, therapy called Deep Brain Stimulation, giving your life back to you.

Treatment Options


There are different types of medicines that can be taken for essential tremor. The medicine may be able to reduce the severity of the tremor. Speak to your specialist team about the potential treatments to create an individualised therapy.


Physical therapy to improve coordination and muscle control can be beneficial. To be accepted for DBS surgery, your specialist team will advise you to be aerobically fit as you can be. 


Deep Brain Stimulation is a surgical procedure designed to help control motor symptoms while allowing for a reduction in medication. DBS uses a device similar in size and shape to a cardiac pacemaker. It sends signals to your brain to help control the symptoms of movement disorders. Your surgeon will place one or two wires called ‘leads’ in the brain.

The leads are then connected to the stimulator and the stimulator is placed under the skin in the chest. When the stimulator is turned on, it produces mild electrical impulses that stimulate a specific target within the brain.

The stimulation may help regulate the incorrect signalling in the brain, improving some of the symptoms of movement disorders. 

For many people, daily activities which had been impossible to perform previously could become feasible again. 

To be accepted for DBS surgery, your specialist team will advise you to be aerobically fit as you can be.


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