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Are your Parkinson’s symptoms disrupting your life?

We offer unique, personalised, therapy called Deep Brain Stimulation, giving your life back to you.

Am I a Candidate?

For people with Parkinson's, ideal candidates are those who: 

- Have responded positively to levodopa treatment but are unable to control the motor symptoms of Parkinson's with medicine alone 

- Are diagnosed with Parkinson’s for at least 5 years

DBS Window of Opportunity

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The window opens when a patient meets the following criteria:

  • Diagnosed with Parkinson’s where the cause was unknown
  •  Responded positively to Levodopa treatment 
  • Medicine has become less effective in treating symptoms
  •  Dealing with ON/OFF fluctuations with your treatment, impacting quality of life, such as sleep disturbances 
  • Increased doses of medicine resulting in increased involuntary movement

The window when a patient is ineligible for DBS surgery may close when:

  • Minimal response to Parkinson’s Medicine 
  • Suffers from memory loss, difficulty concentrating or mood changes 
  • Has medical conditions that prevent surgery 
  • Has progressed to late-stage Parkinson’s disease


However, every individual is unique. You should discuss with your movement disorder specialist’s team with whom you work closely whether DBS is a suitable therapy option for you.

 If you want to be considered for DBS consult your Neurologist and asked to be referred to a specialist neurologist, geriatrician or to the specialist implanting neurosurgeon, who has an interest or is an expert in the area of movement disorders. 

After a patient has been referred, they must undergo a detailed selection process. If approved, you will be put on a DBS surgical waiting list. 


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